Who we are

K&S Credit Service has been working hard for over 15 years helping people with there credit issues.

Our credit repair process is a well proven method, achieving great results.

The team at K&S Credit Services understands how unpredictable the economy can be. We have dedicated our time on   educating ourselves on each, and all laws as they change. Our team is happy to say, we have about an 80% return client base throughout the years.


How are we different from other credit repair companies out there?

K&S Credit Services owns the legal credit repair documents, as they are copyrighted with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. The founder of K&S Credit Services, Sherri Vanderpool has educated herself in the laws regarding credit issues, and its industry. Sherri Vanderpool, has also written, and published a book titled: “The legal method to clearing your own credit”. Regarding the credit industry laws, based on how much the consumer (YOU) are unaware of.

K&S Credit Services also, works within the guidelines according to the FDPA & FTC, who over see the credit bureaus. Therefore assuring that the credit bureaus make the proper changes on your credit file.

K&S Credit Services, unlike most credit repair companies, contact your debt holders individually through the use of our legal documents. We also, contact the credit bureaus themselves, ensuring that your debt holders are in compliance. By doing this, we ensure that your     negative accounts will be permanently removed from your credit file, and will not reappear at a later time.

Most other credit repair companies out there use the “dispute method” which means, the results may not be permanent, and the accounts that were removed from your credit file may reappear at a later time.

Our staff at K&S Credit Services takes the time to get to know our clients on a personal level, giving you a one-on-one relationship with your representative. This will allow you to never have to worry about your representative not understanding your personal case.